Metaxy (2012)


Title: Metaxý

Release date: May 2012

Label: Ark Records

Format: CD

Dining Alone
Big Eyed Dog [preview] The Japanese Garden
Escaping from the Guards, Ascending to the Moon
Corvus Psyché
Headless Baby Bitch
From the Sea
Strega (La Loreley) [preview] Outro

«Metaxý» is the debut album by Verdiana Raw, a music project created by Verdiana Raw (voice and piano), Antonio Bacchi (guitar), Fabio Chiari (percussions).
The title of the album reminds of the Greek word dear to Plato: the Metaxý, a space "between wisdom and ignorance... between men and gods...". It is the space between two poles, wavering between a more earthly reality and a different ideal. The soul ofVerdiana Raw work consists in  the wish to recreate this between space through a musical vibration: a traslation in sounds of otherwise indescribable elements. A space that is medium by different dimensions, an interlude that cannot be reached just by logic.
«Metaxý» is the exploration of various forms thanks to the intimate contribution of each component of  Verdiana Raw, in a whirlwind of emotions that comes from melody, ambient sounds and noises, piano and ethereal guitars licks, in which the voice emerges and researches tirelessly, drawing from the shadows of the unconscious. Moans, groans, melodies and sounds  impression are, the result of a never sparing work to find the way to take a breath and then head back to the manifest world with all its humiliations, its  hope, its  hazard and visions.
This CD and generally the whole project Verdiana Raw are also influenced by the interest in Art Brut, definition coined by the French painter Jean Dubuffet in the middle 1900 to indicate the artistic works of psychiatric patients, often disturbing works characterized by their disarming impact and the deconstructed burning authenticity and inspiration, not directly attributable to any artistic standard. It’s not accidentally if "Raw" is combined with the French word "Brut": raw, rough.. with all the evocative power proper of this way of producing art which resonates in this album by the hard accentuated dynamic of the songs and the deeply abandonment into their interpretation, whose intention is to create a dialogue with the suffering to get out its true meaning.

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